At Uhler & Company, we seek to understand the individual desires and inspirations of each customer in order to design a home that speaks of their personal style and functionality needs. We consider the design process a collaboration between the design team and the customer - a relationship that will continue throughout the build process to ensure each home is designed and built to expectations.

Initial Design Meeting

At the initial design meeting, we discuss the preliminary scope of the project, the homeowner’s desires, time frame, budget and fee schedule. Once the project scope is understood, a design proposal based upon project characteristics and needs will be submitted. If accepted, the Design Process will begin.


Design Agreement

In order to draw up the design agreement, project measurements will be taken and a room by room walk through, if needed, will help generate a precise scope of project and level of finish desired. A point of contact will be designated for both parties.

Preliminary Concept Plan

An initial concept plan will be submitted and any revisions will be discussed. Once the concept is accepted and revisions are understood, an estimated budget will be generated based upon project scope established as well as level of finishes desired. If using Uhler & Company for selection services, inspiration boards for critical early decisions, as well as overall project inspirations boards will also be generated during this period.


Comprehensive Plan Meeting

During the comprehensive plan meeting, the final plans will be submitted including permit plans, mechanical plans, exterior elevations, textures, and cabinet layouts. The original budget will also be established.